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Non Disclosure Agreement

District Pest Control Ireland.
Please read and fully understand
Pest Control Sub Contractor Agreement
We expect you to answer your phone to customers throughout the day. The more calls you get the more money you earn. (You need to answer your phone, if you don’t answer someone else will). 
  1. You must follow our code of conduct.
  2. If you are in breach of this code, we will review our agreement and we have the right to remove you as a sub-contractor.
  3. When answering the phone. You are required to be friendly, professional, and efficient.
  4. If majority of calls are missed over a 12 week period you may be removed as a technician.
  5. You are required to dress accordingly, wearing our company fleece when on site or as required.
  6. You are required to enter all job activity into the our App ASAP once call is received.
  7. On every job you must complete a short Environmental Risk Assessment for Domestic and Commercial jobs.
  8. On commercial sites permanent toxic baiting is prohibited in law.
  9. Commercial visits must include a photograph of the file proving you have conducted the visit.
  10. You must strictly follow our Card Payment policy, receiving Cash is prohibited under all circumstances.
  11. We will provide you with equipment to remove wasps nests including extendable poles and a bee suit. 
  12. You will provide your own basic PPE, gloves and coveralls. 
  13. You will provide your own step ladder, head torch, hand torch, screw drivers etc.
  14. You are responsible for your own Health and Safety.
  15. We cover Public Liability and Professional indemnity insurance cover.
  16. You are not permitted to work at height (other than climbing into lofts) or climb on to rooftops.
  17. You are required to communicate to customers who have pre-existing allergens risks associated with products.
  18. You must report all near misses and accidents to our company as soon as possible.
  19. When removing wasps nests, you are required to be vigilant of your environment using PPE as required.
  20. You are required to wear rubber gloves when handling poisons.
  21. You should ensure that children and Pets are safeguarded from poisons in all circumstances.
  22. You have the legal responsibility to ensure that all pesticides and insecticides are stored in a secure and safe manner in your home or vehicle, away from fire risks, drains, foodstuff and a clear distance from children.
  23. We will provide all pest control products for service delivery.
  24. You are requested to remain confidential on all aspects of company operational and management issues.
  25. You will get 50% of Domestic Unit price (price minus vat rate 23% divided by 2)
  26.  Commercial visits paid per visit.
  27. You will receive 20% commission on New Business you bring directly to our company. (This is in relation to pre agreed target marketing activities only). If a call is received via our phone system this will not count you will have to go and pursue work in order to get 20% commission.
  28. Payment will be based on app activity paid at the end of each calendar month issued in a pay report. An invoice submission is required before payment is issued via BACS.
  29. You are not permitted to do any Pest Control outside of company work nor are you allowed to sub contract the work.
  30. You will be giving a 12-week trial, after which you will automatically be come a formal Sub Contractor Pest Control Technician for District Pest Control.
  31. If you are to leave you must give at least 5 weeks’ notice.
  32. All equipment must be returned on your last day, if there are any issues with missing stock this will be reported as a theft for Garda investigation.
  33. Any qualifications you obtain from our company  will be revoked and you are not permitted to start up on your own pest control business for a 5 year period outlined in the non disclosure agreement below.
To Proceed a Non Disclosure Agreement is required to be signed by you electronically.
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